Setting up jobs

OK, so I have half a dozen procedures that I may use individually, but I also decided I was going to build a job from them. When I went to build the job, I could check all of my procedures, but could not tell it to wait until finish, or order them so that my job would complete in the desired order. The only option that I could think of to achieve what I wanted, was to create an all inclusive procedure, that had all the procedures I set up individually to get what I want. I feel I should be able to build a job from several different individual procedures, as I will not have to have near as many procedures that way.

The procedures within the Jobs should fire in the order in which they are added. You do also have the option to create a new Job and then Create From one of the existing procedures and add additional parameters from there or remove the previous option within those procedures altogether.

Ok, I will try that later tonight. I must of missed something.

I guess this is counter intuitive to me. I see a way to add any/all of my procedures to many, but when I choose to add all the procedures I want to run in my job, I did not see the option to sort to a specific order or anything like that. It seemed like I could add the procedures one at a time in the order I want too run them, then and create a multi procedure job. I am unsure where I am missing the key, All I am trying to do is create a job, that has like 5-6 predefined procedures in it, Lets say I have procedures 1,2,3,4,5,6 not in the order I want to run them. I want to create a job like this, procedure 5, then procedure 2, then another procedure, and so on. The only way I am seeing to do this is to open the job manager and create a job from procedure 5, them create a new one with the next procedure, them hit the create button again, and so on, and so forth, until they are all there in the order I want, then check all the boxes, and click run. I am failing to see the logic to open job manager, add procedure 5, then add next procedure, and so on, all under the same job creation. That way I can save the job for future use, and it will just be a single entry in the job manager. Also, is there a way to change what endpoints it runs on, each time I run the job? I also did not see a way to do this, but did not actually run a job, as I did not see the way to add the job like I described.

Hello @BOSS ,

Currently, the Job Manager feature runs the procedures in alphabetical order. So if you have the procedures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and you want to create a job to run them in reversed order (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1), even if you select the procedures in the desired order when you add them to the job, RMM will sort them alphabetically and run them in alphabetical order.

We have also escalated this as a feature request.

and regarding the second issue raised, you can change the endpoint on which a job is executed by selecting that job from Job Manager and the click on ‘CREATE FROM’ to create a new job and select the endpoints on which you want to run this new job.

I guess I should of read up more on it, that seems like a unorthodox way to do it… Seems like we should be able to build our jobs how we see fit, not work around boundaries, like putting an a in front of the procedure we want to run first, then a b in front of the next one?? Thanks for sending it to development team.

This seems clunky, especially for the jobs we want to setup??

Hello @BOSS ,

This is the closest workaround for selecting the endpoint(s) on which the job is executed. I will escalate this request too so we can see it in a future release of Comodo One.

Thank you for your feedback!


Agree with this request, we will refactor these on future versions of Comodo ONE, it would be much more intuitive.


Thanks for the replies guys, I can work with it, and appreciate your efforts, keep up the good work.

Hi @BOSS ,

Just keep in mind when you run a Job/Procedure on multiple Devices/end points we found an issue where the RMM Console keeps the session open to each Device/End point and you have to manually display and end each session from the Device page in RMM Console. we have an open ticket with C1 support for this

I see, this is why I had that trouble over the weekend, trying to run that simple shutdown job, and the console crashed, and I had to shutdown many sessions manually. I did not realize that it was identified as an issue. thanks for the heads up.

I was wanting to follow up with this thread. Now that the console seems stable again, I am wanting to work on building jobs and procedures. Did the development team get around to getting this issue sorted out??

its in the development schedule, but for exact date the Product Manager, Ilker, can chime in .

Thanks for the update, I just put numbers in the names of the procedures, to put them in a specific order, then I built my test jobs.

Alphabetically? 'Cause that’s near useless. If we want to run Procedures in a certain order, we’d have to Create From and make new ones with new names that will work alphabetically.
At least, if they fire off in the order in which they’re added to a job, that makes a LOT more sense. We shouldn’t have to resort to Yellow Pages tricks (“aaaaCreate System Restore”) in order to get one Procedure before another.

This is exactly how I done it, except I used number, 1.Remove old restore points and create a new one 2.Next procedure 3.Third procedure, etc, etc. Clunky, but all tested fine, as I spent most of the weekend testing this application.

Which is the obvious workaround for running tasks 1234 but what if tomorrow you want a Job that runs 63712? You’d have to create from 1,2,3 and make 9,10,11 AND make sure you use leading zeros so it’s not run as 06,07,09,10,11 instead of 10,11,6,7,9

I totally agree, I would also like to be able to assign endpoints to a specific job, instead of have to create from, to put different endpoint in the job.