Several endpoints are now showing as offline

Random endpoints from different sites are showing as unavailable/offline. I can see that they are in fact online since I have another tool that reports their status every 15 minutes.

The endpoints have shown offline for over a day.

I’m sure I can fix this by rebooting the endpoint, but is there another way? I don’t have remote access to the endpoints, so what are my options?

Hello @Larry_Core ,

We are aware of this issue and we are working on resolving it.
The only solution that we can provide at the moment would be to reboot the unavailable endpoints or to restart the Comodo LPSLauncherEX service (CLPSLauncherEx).
Please accept our apologies for this unfortunate event. We will update you on this matter as soon as possible.
We have also emailed you regarding this issue and will keep you in the loop, will update you as soon as we have news on it.

I understand that this was not intended, but this is something that should never happen. Before adding new features I think the stability of the remote monitoring and management should be top priority.

I use the patch management module to reboot the end points that need it. Then I have remote access again.