Something wrong...

There is a problem with C1-acronis agent.

  1. Installing Acronis-agent
  2. It appears at Acronis web console
  3. Trying apply backup profile.
  4. “Aplying…” - never ends, but when pressing at Apply - antivirus at PC block changes of HOST file.

Early I was unable to make Acronis backup until I put [Comodo One Client - PYTHON32.exe] to antivirus whitelist.

Why HOST file is changing? Why Acronis console uses ITSM-agent folder?

Which rules I should implement to antivirus profile for normal work of ITSM agent and Acronis web console?

Hi @Sergey

I have informed internal team for this issue. I will get back you with updates.


Same problem at all endpoints. With new and old. Aplying profile dont work, backup dont work, not all PCs visible in web-console.
Something broken…