status report all devices

Is it possible to create an active report of all the clients their status on a big screen? Or an extra alert notification on a screen when something happens?

Hello @andref ,

I’m not sure that I understand the requests. What type of status do you want to gather in a report? Also, just to confirm, you would like to have some kind of desktop pop-up notification when something goes wrong?

Hi Nick,

I would like to put a big screen on the wall where i can follow the status of the clients. If a clients goes down or is having problems, i would like to be able to see that on that screen. Also, an e-mail thats bein sned when something goes wrong would be nice -)

Hello @andref ,

Perhaps the Notifications menu from ITSM (ITSM > Dashboard > Notifications) would help you for the first request. For the second request, you can control this type of notifications from Configuration Templates > Alerts. Click on an alert template (if you have only one - Default Alert - you will have to create one from scratch as this one is not editable), and either set it up to create Service Desk tickets (so you can keep track of who has worked on an issue, how much time did he spend etc.) and set email alerts in Service Desk, or add some email addresses in ITSM directly to be notified when an alert is triggered, or both (Service Desk and email notifications from ITSM). After you create an Alert template, you will have to assign it to a profile is use (Configuration Templates > Profiles > click the profile that is being applied on the computers > Monitoring tab > click the monitor in use > Use Alert Settings). Bellow you can see the menus that I am talking about.

1. Service Desk alerts

2. Email notifications

3. Make sure that the alert template is being used by your monitor(s)