Stuck "In Session"

Hi All,

I was working on a Desktop and for some reason it kicked me off but is now sat there “In Session” and will not let me back on.

Is there a way of forcing this to end? Also… If Engineer A was on a machine and didn’t “End Session” it locked out that Desktop so other Engineers cannot logon to it.

Very annoying at times. A force end session would be very useful.

I am now sat here waiting to finish some task on that Desktop which is now locked… with no way to get back onto it…


Hello @bluemouseit ,

If you got disconnected while in a remote session, next time you log in to the RMM Administration Console,using the same credentials, that endpoint will have the “Display” option instead of “Takeover”. If you click on “Display” the remote session will be resumed and you will be able to terminate it if you click on “End”.
If another person started a remote session and didn’t end it, that machine will be reported as “In session” for any other user until the initial session is ended. You can not end a session for another user while logged in with a different account.