Suppress Notifications Off Hours

I’ve done a cursory search in the forums for this topic and found nothing.

During off hours, when system utilities for maintenance are being run, it isn’t unusual to have spikes in CPU + RAM + DISK activity that go beyond the set thresholds. These are false indicators since performance monitoring is geared for the end user experience, not for idle time performance.

What is the process to set ‘ignore’ times for performance monitoring so notifications are shunted during these hours?

Please keep me in the loop, too.

Hello @bpisystems and @nct,

We have added you on the loop regarding with the feature request ‘Maintenance mode that will pause all monitors’.
We have submitted a request to the product team for an updated time-frame.

Thank you for your patience.

Add me to the loop too!

I would like to be added to the notification of this as well.

A maintenance mode would be nice! It should have option to set a limited amount of time like 15m/30m/60m/120m and Manual.



We will add this detail to the ongoing feature request and provide you an update once information is available.