Suspend Updates on Endpoint/Client?

Is there a way to suspend automatic updating on an endpoint/client for Comodo One Patch Manager and ITSM Patch Manager? I am most particularly concerned with Windows updates. I have suspended Windows updates on my computer for 30 days in Settings, but I am afraid individual updates might get pushed/installed manually by one of the patch managers. I am currently suffering from a major issue from recent updates, and I have run the Microsoft Windows Update troubleshooter 5 times already and it supposedly fixed it 5 times. It is causing an almost endless loop restart process with updates installing and failed to install/undoing updates and then the windows freezing problem Microsoft mentioned causing my PC to crash and reboot unexpectedly and then do a hard drive scan and repair and then the updates install and undo/restart loop over again. Its ridiculous. What used to take 30 seconds to boot up my 3-4 year old computer now takes 5-10 minutes because of how many times it has to restart. - I wonder if it has to do with my configuration of Windows being on SSD and apps and data on regular drive (not all apps but bigger apps, games, large apps, etc.) Anywho, that’s my mystery to solve.

SO - I need to pause updating on these endpoints in ITSM and legacy patch manager. I can’t uninstall legacy patch manager because then I won’t be able to reinstall it. I have never been able to install legacy patch manager successfully on any endpoint in a long time. It shows they as installed, but never connects to my account/dashboard so I can do anything with it. I even add all the executables as exceptions to the Windows firewall and antivirus programs. Most of the time though the installation just doesn’t work, I’m not sure what happens but I run it three or four times and it is not found in Programs and Features. I usually have to run it that many times for it to show up. It’s the newer versions of Windows that aren’t compatible with the installer and configuration. It works on all the computers that I initially installed it on and it connected successfully when I first created my Comodo One account, even though they have the latest Windows 10 updates (well, except for the three SSD drive computers, Microsoft is getting on my nerves with dictating update pushes instead of letting me control them - within reason). Sorry to ramble, 1 problem at a time. Need to suspend updates in ITSM and legacy patch manager without installing them on the endpoints.

Hello @navcom ,

We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update as soon as we can.

Regarding your second concern, we already created a support ticket for you.

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Hi @navcom

ITSM automatically installs patches only if you have added the patch procedures to your device management profile.…Procedure.html

Please check your profile if you have some patch procedures scheduled in the profile and remove them to stop patch automation.

Legacy patch manager have now reached its end of life, we are not provisioning it for customers anymore. Please keep using our ITSM-PM once you sort out your issue on your device. I hope to hear good news from your side.