How to monitor temperatures at workstations and servers? And is it possible to view as graphics it increase dynamics?


At the current time we can request to have a procedure created in order to obtain the temperatures form the servers and workstations. Please let us know if this is your request or if you would like to have a widget/tool that can be installed on the endpoint, show a chart in the Dashboard, please provide additional details?

Show chart at dashboard, set “critical line”, temperature based monitor alerts. Temps for cpu,mb,gpu,hdd

Hello @Sergey ,

Hardware Temperature Monitoring will be implemented in 2017-Q2, and will trigger alerts based on temperature thresholds set in the monitoring profiles.

Hi @Matthew ,

looking forward to this update will it also monitor CPU fan? for failure/speed etc

Hello @Marveltec ,

Not in the current design, but we will forward your request to the developers and we will keep you updated on the progress.

Thank you for your feedback!

I started topic about procedure based custom sensors. May be with this problem may be resolved.

Hello @Marveltec , @Sergey ,

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of the feature that you have requested (Fan RPM monitor) is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due by the end of Q2 2017.
Rest assured that you will have the opportunity to review the new feature and comment prior to the ticket being closed. We appreciate your patience and your understanding in this matter!