Time is off in RMM

I have noticed that since the last release that the time is off in my RMM page, and I can not get it to show the right times. I would not worry about it much, but now, systems seem to be running updates in the middle of the day and all. I just was out doing some work, came back, my computer had rebooted, I did not think much of it, but then I started getting people saying that their system was running really slow, then, I noticed that one of my new systems on the bench started running updates. Is there a way to force the time to correct?? I have changed the time zone, clicked the day light time check box, done all kinds of stuff, and the time is always off, about the same as I am from GMT.

Have you checked the ‘Time Zone’ setting in ITSM → Settings → Portal Set-Up, then choose the ‘Time Zone’ section (rightmost entry)?

Take note, you will need to log in to the ITSM portal (CompanyName-msp.cmdm.comodo.com) and not through the C1 portal. You will need to log in an Administrator-level ITSM user to be able to make changes in there.

I had not checked there, but when I tried, from the place you noted, I did not have that setting, nor would my admin credentials gain access, kept saying if I wanted to log in with my one user, I had to log into comodo one. I was using the admin account I used to set this all up.

The same thing happened to me when I used my C1 account admin email. You will need to use a user that was created/added in ITSM with the correct role/permission (like the default Administrator role). If you do not have any such user, just go ahead and create one. Take note, you will need to verify the email address to get to the password setup of the account.

I have tried to use the main admin user, from when I set up the system, and another user that I placed in the administrators role, no luck, still does not show that setting.

Make sure you log in to the ITSM page (CompanyName-msp.cmdm.comodo.com) with an ‘Administrator’ user (or any other user with the correct set of permissions/role). Also make sure to log in on a browser instance that has no ‘logged in’ state in the C1 portal (like incognito or private instance).