Translating App

I´m investigating in comodo, and for now the software is great. Thank you for support it.
I would like use and replace my older servicedesk app, with comodo one. But there is a little issue, my clients are spanish talking, so the software need to be in that language.
Is there any way to modify the ITSM agent ? So i can change the submit ticket option and the submit ticket dialog language ?
Is there a way to modify the language of the web interface template of creating new ticket ?
There is no problem with english in the back admin ui.

Edit: I´m interesting in support the translation to spanish.

Hi @serinformatica Thank you for using Comodo one,we are glad to know you like it, the ability to have multiple language in Comodo one is on our road-map 2017 Q4, we will update you regarding the development progress via email.

Hi @Carl_C , I’d also like to be updated by email on this topic, I’d love to have the App in Portuguese and are able to give help on the translation process.

Hello @dotpro ,

Thank you for your interest on this feature. We will add you in the loop and we’ll keep you apdated through email.

Hi @Jordan_C ,

Perhaps most of the Spanish speakers can help out to translate the most used apps from client perspective as it should be a good feature to offer to customers.

Hello @axatech,

We appreciate your feedback to this feature. Thank you for your continued support.

Great News @Jordan_C about translation, we are in Brazil and would need to have comodo in Portuguese so our costumers can use the helpdesk app

To everyone asking for translations to other languages of the C1 platform, this is planned to be rolled out by Q1 2018. There is no final list yet made available so we are unable to give any specifics as to which languages will be initially available.

Good evening to everyone
in this post I read that other languages would be added in Q1 2018
I’m interested in the Italian language
is a post still valid?
Thanks in advance

Hello @tecno,

We have been informed that the feature request “Ability to change language for the entire Comodo One WebConsole” has been rescheduled for Q1 2019.

We will reach back to you with more information via support ticket regarding the development progress.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi every one
I need french language for my clients, after many search I do not find the option yet:D
Is it scheduled soon?

@infortmic ,

We are currently gathering resources to put this option on production environment along with the other language requests. We will keep you updated via support email to keep you on track of its progress. :wink:

What if you request help from forum when it comes to language resources, I bet there ara many of us willing to improve this option by helping on translations, lets use a simple file format like .PO and let us begin helping.

@axatech ,

We thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate all of you guys in contributing to the platform’s success.