Trending Capabilities in Comodo

Tested alarming on CPU and all works well. I was wondering if there is a way to pull down historical CPU/Mem/Disk trend data. Metric graphs basically.

Hello @wael.altaqi ,

Would a report for RAM, CPU and Disk Usage suffices your needs?
Its part of our roadmap with Long term (12months+) planned implementation.
If this is what you need, we can add you on the loop so you`ll get an email as soon we have more accurate timeline.

Yes, that would serve, but I would advise trending graphs they would be much better for the product. Reading metric data through an excel sheet will do but not as functional as a graph. Thanks though, please loop me in.

@wael.altaqi ,

We will gladly add this additional recommendation. Our Product Developers In whatever form would gladly look on making the feature more beneficial all across MSP’s. We thank you for your suggestions.