Turning off Service Desk

Hi. How can I turn off the Service Desk altogether so it doesn’t receive tickets from monitoring alerts? I’ve had to continually delete the those tickets from it. I’m staying with my current PSA as adopting CSD as I have other more pressing issues to process at this time.


Hello @vitalsupport
In the alerts that you use for your monitors, go to the ‘Alerts Settings’ section and make sure you disable those you do not need (Service Desk, etc.). Also, you need to stop using the Default Alert as it cannot be edited (as it is a premade alert).

@Rick_C How do I go about preventing the default alert from being used. It’s uneditable, undeleteable, and there is no off/disable switch for it either.

You will need to replace the ‘Default Alert’ with your own customized alert @vitalsupport.

You can start by cloning the ‘Default Alert’. Then edit the settings of the copy to your preferences. In any monitor that you set up, make sure to replace the ‘Default Alert’ with the edited copy.