Unit.exe crippling RMM Clients

I have a client who’s suddenly got unit.exe running at 50% to 70% CPU on every single workstation and crippling the entire office staff. To make matters worse, the CLIENT is the one who pointed out it was the RMM agent. I’m in the process of removing everything but remote control and revisiting later, but this is devastating blow to my repertoire with the client and I’m going to almost certainly have to end up eating all the labor on resolving this. What happened to cause this and how do I prevent it from happening with other clients??


We are saddened to hear about your report. We have created a support ticket to assist further in determining the cause of this issue.

Hi Guys I have the same problem how can i fix this please

Hello @Nauticalnath ,

We will create a support ticket as well to further investigate the issue and once issue is resolved, we will post the resolution/findings here on our thread as well.
Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.


Hello All,

I do have the same problem. Many stations have 100% CPU usage due to unit.exe.

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Hello @yotta ,

Thanks for the feedback, we have created a support ticket for you as well.


Hi @Jay please could you let me know the outcome regarding this.

Hello, having the same problem here. All Windows end points have had their RAM and CPU between 90 to 100%. Task Manager general name is ‘remote management and monitoring component’ which is Comodo Unit.exe. It started last week. I’m going to have to turn off Performance Alert emails because it’s blowing up our inbox.

Thank you and please keep us informed. It’s making some older computers unusable.

Come on Comodo lets get this resolved please ********* this is priorty 1 **********

@Henry_C ,

We will definitely make sure to have this urgent matter taken care of as soon as possible. Our Product Developers are now working on resolving this matter. @nct , we have included you on the loop. Details will be shared with you as well.

Hi Guys I have the same problem how can i fix this please

I have the same problem how can i fix this please

Hello @softart ,

We have added you on the loop and we`ll send you an email for any important update.

Thanks for bearing with us.



Regarding the issue of high CPU usage with the old RMM, we have been informed that the issue has been fixed as the issue appeared because of the recent outage. Please check if everything is now working as expected on your side. If the issue persists, try to uninstall and reinstall the old RMM agent and revisit the issue if it still persists.