Urgent Maximum licenses

I received notifications

          You have exceed the maximum number of users allowed by your license (0). Please purchase additional licenses by clicking the following link. You can see your license details using the following link

I have

  • Maximum licenses available
  • Number of used licenses
  • Expires
    2018/09/15 04:42:07 PM
  • Time check
    2018/03/06 11:10:35 AM
Please help!

@Suporte_TECMT ,

We apologize for this unforeseen issue. Our backend team was able to confirm this isolated issue are currently working on having this addressed. We’ll contact you via support ticket for additional account details.

Thank you, they contacted me.

We also received the same message in the Notifications section. All services seem to be working, do we need to do anything to check the licences?

@Jimmy can you clarify something please.

ITSM is unlimited licences for CCC. You have to buy licences for CCS.

I have 35 licences for CCS with 34 used.

why am I seeing the below:

Active license

  • Maximum licenses available 35
  • Number of used licenses 49
  • Expires 2018/07/10 09:51:49 AM
  • Time check 2018/03/06 01:48:03 PM

@dittoit ,

I will forward this information to our backend team to make a correction.

is working now. Thanks

@Suporte_TECMT ,

Thank you for giving us your feedback