Users without the email invitation

Our users are not tech savvy. We will not be using the help desk in Comodo ONE. Is there a way to create a user and not have the email invitation sent to them? I tried creating a user manually, and they still received the email. We want to remote control, patch, and use inventory. Our users don’t need to log in to the system. Sending them a verification email after we have already installed the client machines will probably just cause many users creating their own company in Comodo. The reason we want users is to schedule patches in groups. If there is a better way then we are trying to do this we are ready for suggestions! Thank you


You can configure the role first of the user not to receive a verification email (see image off=disabled) Under role permission - bottom of the list. Please make sure to save the setting.

Create the user then attach the role

This disables the verification email after user creation on EM portal. Then you can do this workaround. Go back to the same setting and enable it - this then allows the portal log-in.

Then you can send a password recovery email to the user

Which will get the user to prompt a password link on his/her for him/her to be able to log in to the portal.

Once set, the user can now log-in on the EM portal and perform tasks

password recovery email.png

Thank you Jimmy! I appreciate the quick answer.


Our staff will not be using the portal now… maybe later. Do we leave it disabled without the password reset? Is there any disadvantage to having IT set up the workstations and not verify the users?

@OnTrackCN ,

No issues having it disabled. The password reset function on the EM Portal works in cases that users forgot their login credentials.

Hi @OnTrackCN
If your staff do not need to log in to the portal anytime soon, it is safe to disable such a setting.

For your question about a ‘disadvantage’, that would really be dependent on your ‘users’ especially if you have ‘mobile workers’. It will be up to you to decide which setup will work best for you and your team.

We really just need it to manage the computers and patches at this time. Do we need user accounts at all to push patches in groups? I didn’t see a way to group computers, just users. Thank you. I’m sorry for so many questions. We are new to Comodo ONE.

@OnTrackCN ,

Regarding pushing patches, this automation depends on your infrastructure. If you have a lot of endpoints on board that has varying schedules then the best way is to make a schedule for them. you can schedule a patch procedure . We can help you with the learning curve. Please send us an email to and we’ll get our team to arrange a Product Demo for you.

Thank you.

We would like to add users to associate them as the owner of a machine. We can see last logged in user, which is useful for remote control, but we would like to define the owner of the machine for our inventory purposes. In this case, do we manually add the users and not send the invitation, then add the owner by device name? We have about 80 workstations.

@OnTrackCN ,

That might be tedious since you will need to add a lot of emails on the portal. For a more personal touch, have you tried just renaming the device?

We suggested renaming, but our director does not want the devices renamed. I don’t mind tedious if setting the owner would work. Our employees don’t change computers often. If we used the Description field of the computer, could that be included in a report or dashboard view? We don’t currently use the computer description.

I am calling for assistance today to set up some patching at 2:00 am as a test. Thank you for the email for assistance.


The naming only happens on the EM Portal and not on the actual device itself. However, if your approach would be the latter, then you can start creating users on EM Portal. if the devices are already enrolled then you can use the change owner option. Patch Schedule automation? you can give this easy process a try.

I followed the patch instructions and it looks like it did not run. There is nothing in the patch logs for the four computers.

@OnTrackCN ,

We have opened a support ticket for you to analyze if there was a process that might have been missed that needs to ve reviewed. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.