What MSPs need - nothing personal, just numbers

I just look at numbers (people activity):

    Comodo ONE Portal (113/538)
    IT and Security Manager - Endpoint Security (174/945)
    RMM (197/1,289)
    Service Desk (75/381)
    Patch Management (72/433)
    Comodo CRM (14/50)
    Network Assessment (2/4)
    Comodo Dome (14/61)
    DayZero Malware / Unknown File Hunter (Forensic Analysis) (0/0)
    Auto Discovery and Deployment Tool (1/2)
    Other Comodo Products (26/98)
    Other Vendor Products (19/83)
So we see CRM, NAs, ADDT - are outsiders. NAs - I think good idea after problems with it will be fixed; ADDT - ITSM module/agents do the same?

And CRM - leader from outsiders. Maybe it really not good idea to waste time at this module? Maybe be better do SD module more powerful?

And we see most needed modules: ITSM, RMM, SD and PM - this is really actual modules for us.

And about PM - it must have shared items with SD (jobs, materials, etc). Else PM module is not needed.

Each team has enough resources in it.
What we need is for you to tell us exactly what you want us to improve by giving us a “Before” and “After” screenshots please.
So which Screen (UI window) (Before) you want to modify? Give us your hand drawn version of that Screen (after). so that we understand exactly what you want to modify. We will then modify it for you.

SD have tickets and Projects module. CRM has Opportunities and Project module. CRM can generate bills, QM do the same. And some other…
CRM duplicating SD’s functionality. I think CRM & QM modules are excess for C1. At my sight be much better if you do this and upgrade SD module with:

  • print forms generator
  • CI with child/parent relations (CI can have price)
And this will be real cool.

Open vote and ask people - who use C1 CRM?