What Software Package of Itarian is free and what is a paid subscription

I am checking out this Itarian software and am very interested in the free part. So what part of the package is free and what part is a paid subscription?

Hello @GJHorn-SWAW,

Thank you for your interest in ITarian. We can arrange a schedule for a product demo at your convenience. Please reply to the support ticket that we have created.

Thank you.

Anything Itarian is free, any Comodo is paid.

So RMM, service desk etc free.
AV, Dome Shield etc paid

I have placed a mass description on other posts about each product a few times. Click on my name to see.

If you cannot find the details let me know and I’ll try find to post again.

Hello @GJHorn-SWAW ,

This is Ayhan. I am the product manager of Endpoint Manager inside ITarian. Recently we answered the question in following thread -> https://forum.itarian.com/forum/products/rmm/22997-rmm-only-no-endpoint-protection

For convenience, I also share the same information to here. I wanted to inform you that we have AV functionalities embedded into our Android MDM client. However, this does not require additional Comodo Client Security on Android devices so we offer mobile security for Android devices as bundle with RMM functionalities as free.

We do not charge for communication clients when they are installed. We give RMM functionalities as totally free. We offer 30 day trial for Security Client. After 30 days, for security client, you need a paid license in order to continue using.

Product Manager
Endpoint Manager