What to do with non-standard python libraries + supplementary files


I am trying to create a custom procedure/script in python to dispatch to all of our endpoints through ITSM.

My question is the following:

In my script I import external API libraries like gspread for google’s drive API so what I was wondering is if that would be an issue at the time of deploying the script.

Furthermore, in my script, I am also using a .json file to store credentials for authenticating the access for our google drive. Is there anyway to upload supplementary files along with our scripts e.g .json files, .txt files to store data outside of our python script?

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Hello @Mario_Bolivar
We will reach out to the product development team so that we can provide an accurate assessment of your inquiry. Rest assured that we will get back to you once we get word from the team. We appreciate your patience on the matter. Thank you.

Hello @Rick_C ,

I was just wondering if there happened to be any updates on this.

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Hello @Mario_Bolivar,

We have asked for an update from our development team. We will reach back to you as soon as updates are available. We have also sent you an email with regard to this case.
Thank you for your patience.

Hello @Mario_Bolivar

Thank you for your patience.

You cannot import external Libraries that is not supporting from ITSM as default, sure it will throw you error.

“Is there anyway to upload supplementary files along with our scripts”, here you can upload or create any file format at anywhere in the endpoint. Could you please explain us, What does upload here refers uploading file to where ?

Waiitng for your reply.

Thank you.