Why can't I add new company, or rename my "default" Company?

I’ve read somewhere that my account has to be marked as MSP, in order to add more companies. Is that accurate? How does one do that?
I can go into Device Management and see “Default Company” and “Default Group” listed, and there is a “rename company” button, but its greyed out. It says its unavailable.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’m just getting started with Comodo One.

You need to add new customers by going to Management → Customers, and add the client there. It will then show up under the Devices tab… yea i know, odd, but thats how I figured out how to add them.

Yeah, I don’t have “customers”, because I originally set up my account as “Enterprise”, and not “MSP”. So I’m waiting for Comodo to change my account type.

@grahamllewellyn ,

Thank you for explaining. We’ll provide you an update from our Development Team once they have completed the process.