WIKI: How to Create FAQs and publish ?

Technician can manage Frequently Asked Questions for their service using Service Desk . FAQs are organised under sub categories.Once FAQs are published , End user would be able to access them in web portal.

Step [1] Go to Staff panel>Knowledgebase . You will be directed to ‘FAQs’ tab.

Step [2] Click ‘Category’ name to create FAQ under it.

Step [3] Click ‘Add New FAQ’ button . You can see ‘Add New FAQ’ window now.

Step [4] Select options and fill details as below,

  • Question - Enter FAQ question.
  • Category Listing - Default category is which you have chosen. If you want to change category , please select from drop down list.
  • Listing Type - Choose any of the options below,
    • Public - if selected, FAQ can be accessed at end user web portal.
    • Private - if selected, FAQ cannot be accessed at end user web portal.
  • Answer - Please provide your detailed answer for the FAQ question.
  • Attachments - Browse files and folders to attach screenshots and other files related to FAQ answer.
  • Help Topics - Select existing help topics for FAQ to be linked. This will help end users to filter FAQs based on Help Topic they are referring .
  • Internal Notes - You can enter important notes related to the new FAQ in the 'Internal Notes' box.

Step [5] Click ‘Add FAQ’ button to apply changes.

Step [6] Check FAQ display at end user portal .