WIKI:How to enable or disable widgets and adjust dashboard appearance?

The portal user can adjust the Dashboard appearance, disable temporarily unnecessary widget, enable required widget and prioritize the widget order in the dashboard as per your preference

Step [1]: Log in COMODO ONE portal and Click Customize icon

Step [2]: To enable Widget on Dashboard, Turn ON from OFF / ON column. Suppose you would like to disable the Widget from Dashboard then turn OFF from the column OFF / ON

You would prioritize the Widget on the Dashboard, Please keep mouse over the specific Widget and Click and Drag for the order you prefer

Example, As a user I would like to move Ticket Status Widget as on the first row

Step [3]: Once the changes complete then Click the icon Back and check the Widget whether changed as per the update.

You can also change Widget Order from Comodo One MSP > Dashboard > Overview as in the image below

Click the Grid icon

Drag and Drop the Widget on the order of the place you would prefer