10.3 no network access server 2012

Hi Guys,

not sure if this is update for CCS related, but after an update of 3 servers one 2012r2 seems to not have any in or outbound network access.

Server boots fine, CCS is running, ITSM wont connect, the backup agent wont connect and it can’t see the Domain server.

Anybody see this ? some windows updates have been installed as well as the CCS update.



We’ll reach you via support ticket for further troubleshooting.

I have removed CCS via the support tool but the problem still persists.

think this may be related to a windows update but not sure.


Interesting to see a Windows update kill networking. Sometimes I have seen that removing CCS does not remove the firewall driver.

Double check your Nic and un-tick it if needed.

@robinit have you tried deleting the CIS Firewall driver file(s)?

Correct me if wrong but the firewall drivers aren’t present on servers ??

ok the driver is there and ticked on the hv server. Checked the SQL and no driver. As you would expect as I removed CCS.

In theory it should not install on server as it does not get activated.

Did that work?

Interesting… my thoughts exactly @StrobeTech , however I just checked HV and a DC and the FW driver is in the network.

I removed the NIC card, uninstalled and rebooted, still no network access…


Ok, so, I changed the network card (hv switch) that was attached to the SQL VM. The DC was working fine so I change the NIC on the SQL to the HV DC switch and up it comes…
something is wrong with the HV switch on the SQL server.

@comodo should the FW driver be installed on ALL NIC’s including the HV switches? as on my 2012r2 HV server it is?

If this file is still present, rename c:\Windows\System32\guard64.dll
reboot, and then see if the network connects or not.

Installing CCS on Hyper-V not great, I have it on mine but have heard too many stories of any firewall killing networks

ok, seems the HV switch attached to the VM went down the same time I decided to upgrade CCS. the annoying thing is I’ve spent 2-3 hours fixing the server when we only cover the AV and Backup :frowning:

CCS back on all ok now…

Hi James (@dittoit)

Do you not supply server and desktop support?

No, customer don’t want it. we have talked about it. difficult as I should have left it once I knew it wasn’t my problem, but I know come tomorrow morning I will be getting the call and i have a meeting at 9.15 tomorrow morning. so its easier for me to just fix tonight…

OK, thought you did not offer that as a service then