1603 A fatal error occurred during installation

I tried to send a setup using web app but i get the error 1603 with this information.

2023/06/27 01:44:14 PM Failed to install on device
Xcitium Client - Security v. MSI Installation failed to install. 1603 - A fatal error occurred during installation.

I tried to setup downloading the package (installer_Win8_Win11_x64.exe) and run locally as administrator and i got the nex error.

Instalation of the “ces_x64.msi” failed!
Native error code:1603
Native error message: Fatal error during installation.

The endpoint is running as well.

Hi @indalecio.trujillo

We are sorry to hear your having issues deploying our partner Xcitium’s antivirus in the bundle from our platform.

To resolve this please use the default option of “Enrol Only”. Doing this will only Enrol the ITarian agent on the machine allowing you to use our Endpoint Manager to push the Xcitium deployment and hopefully solve you issue.

In regards to the version of Xcitium, the most stable version we have is 12.10 currently. We waiting for information from Xcitium about their 12.15 release to see if this is stable and ready for release through our platform within the next week or two.