179% price increase as "legacy user" - no notice.

Hi All.

I am apparently classed as a legacy user after being with Comodo for some years.

On Friday I recieved an invoice (and debit card charged) with an increase of 179% on the previous month(s).

There was ZERO notice of this increase and previous contact made no mention of having to have a partnership agreement but according to an email it’s being done because “We are now incentivizing our customers to create annual prepaid contracts

Somehow I don’t feel “incentivized” right now. Just months ago being encouraged to promote EM with a view to upgrade to AEP …

Are any others here in the same position? I’ve strongly promoted the default deny system but now looking at alternatives.

Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

Best wishes


Hi @andrew2

There was an email that was sent out which said the following

We are writing to inform you that as of June 23rd 2022, ITarian accounts will be billed for ALL enrolled devices, not just active devices. You are easily able to remove inactive devices in your account to avoid being billed.

Follow these steps:

  • Login https://www.itarian.com/
  • Applications
  • Device Management
  • Sort by last activity
  • Select any devices you want to remove
  • Delete device
We recommend doing so prior to June 23rd 2022, to avoid any issues. We appreciate your business.

Best regards,

This change basically means that all devices, not just the active in the past x number of days will be charged or need a pre-paid license. Would I be correct in saying you have a vast amount of “non-active” licenses which you have now been charged for that has ended up giving you a larger bill?


Thanks Robin.

Yes, I received that notification but unfortunately my issue is not this.

According to Comodo, I was on "legacy pricing” but this has ended.

A management decision and they didn’t feel the need to inform or give notice so my account was debited the full 2022 rate as postpaid.

This is apparently to encourage us to switch to an annual pre-paid contract and any extra licences will be charged at the full rate.

So higher prices and the offer of an inflexible contract …

Thank you anyway.

Best wishes


Hi @andrew2

Just want to double check if this is ITarian LLC for RMM or Comodo for CCS/AEP so I can get the right people involved.

Just so you know why I ask this, Comodo and ITarian are different companies and provide very different products; but are sister companies and work together extremely closely. I’m from ITarian side which is all based on the RMM, SD, PSA, MDM etc. Comodo is security products only.


Thanks Robin - DM sent.