1903 Upgrade "removed" Comodo CCS and unable to reinstall

I just want to leave this as a note since I already reinstalled the affected client:

I recently upgraded a client from the 1809 to the 1903 release. After the upgrade the CCS Suite was “partly” removed. The windows installer entries still existed and everything in the program files folder but the application did not start anymore and also removal and reinstall failed with MSI exit code 1603 (right at the beginning).

Please do not open a ticket for this because as I said: The client has been reinstalled but maybe someone else is facing this issue.

Hi @Weatherlights

Thank you for sharing your observation and resolution on the CCS suite issue. Please report it to us in case you will encounter the same issue on other device/s so we can have it investigated.

Thank you for your support.

Not seen this issue in a log time, but have seen it over a few versions.