24 hour clock


Can’t you fix a setting to enable 24 hour clock in the ITSM and Comodo One for us users that not using AM/PM time.


@Noiden ,

A similar request had been forwarded to our Development team and are in the works for allowing date and time to be changed to the user’s preference. We will include you on the loop and updates concerning this feature.

7 months later and still no 24 hour clock or am I missing something in the settings?

@richardburt ,

We apologize about its delay of being implemented in the platform. Our Developers are still in the process of getting this functionality in the production environment. We’ll make sure to inform you of our Product Team’s progress in making this possible.

24 hour clock would be great!

Also a clock that is current to our time zone would be good as ours is an hour out. (based in UK on GMT)