3rd Party Patch Errors - File not found

Hello, Patch Management is calling for patches that are not found on the Comodo Patch Server

Download of https://patchportal.one.comodo.com/portal/packages/scripts/972/x86/4952.py failed, reason: Error transferring https://patchportal.one.comodo.com/portal/packages/scripts/972/x86/4952.py - server replied: Not Found

https://patchportal.one.comodo.com/portal/packages/spm/Defraggler/x86/dfsetup222.exe failed, reason: Error transferring https://patchportal.one.comodo.com/portal/packages/spm/Defraggler/x86/dfsetup222.exe - server replied: Not Found

Additionally, another patch fails to apply for Advanced IP Scanner for unknown reason:

2019/05/15 11:33:27 AM Operation finished fail Process exit code is 1, Operation probably not completed for Advanced IP Scanner2.5.3850

Hello @Rickkee ,

Our support team created a ticket on your behalf.
Please respond to their email so they can assist you in resolving the issue.

Thank you.