3rd Party Patches

Hi Just a quick question. How long does it normally take between a software supplier providing an update and the update being available in your Patch Management Tool?

I’ve checked two pieces of software (Audacity and Firefox ESR) and both have new versions that are several weeks old but do not appear in the current versions list. I am using the ComodoOne version so this may affect the speed at which patches are made available.


Hi @CaptainDL,

We have asked our backend team to check your requests and update their feedback and publish the latest version for both applications.

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I can see these have been updated, but @PremJkumar ,I would also like to know how your team knows when patches are ready to add to Patch Management.

Responding to this thread as it seems they do not stay on top of this.

Hi @nct, @carls,

Our backend team receives new updates available on the currently supported applications list and publishes them and besides, we get requests from customers to update too.

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FYI I have given up on the 3rd party patching tool in this product it is unreliable at best. We are evaluating Ninite Pro. For the price, it is great! Plus they now support customer apps that although you have to manage the updates (by adding them to the version list) it will also keep those apps updated. It adds another agent to your endpoints but so far its manageable. If you are interested I have some tips for deployment using scripting in RMM.

@carls I’ve been assured the situation with Patch Management will improve within the next couple of months.

We should not have to report these to Comodo, they should be actively reviewed. Check out Ninite Pro :wink:

I will believe it when I see it, as of now it is unreliable at best. Before the last couple of updates at least the tool would report when versions were out of date but now it does not. If other products can do it without such intervention why cant this one. I was told that the updating process was a manual one. My recent communications with support were to supply a list of apps that were not updating so they could update their lists. When I replied that I would not be doing that as it was not my job to inform them what apps were out of date that’s why I used the 3rd part patch tool. The responded back, we are still waiting for the list of apps that were out of date :open_mouth: clearly, they do not read their emails/ticket responses.

Just another example Chrome is out of date again, Comodo Patch Management sleeping on the job again.

Adobe reader out of date to

Screenshot 2022-03-21 093522.png

Today I have to manually to update Chrome on the endopoints because the lastest version is not listed on patch management. I wonder: is it possible that In 2022 with so many AI tools is there not a way to automatically have the latest 3rd parts versions listed as soon as they are released? Thanks

Still today, lots my endpoints have chrome outdated but the patch management doesn’t show them…

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Hi, now I can see chrome in patch management. I try to update them to see if the latest version is applied.

Also, Itarian portal keeps on asking for credit card info but if I click on the Update Payment info button I’m kicked out from the portal. I already inserted that info in the partner portal but that doesn’t solve the problem. I think all the management of the licences are too complicate.

i still have the problem that patch management does not detect the presence of the latest version of chrome 121.0.6167.161

I also get a strange error when I try to update some third-party programs:
“Unable to obtain hidden softwares configuration”

Hi @datalink

I suggest you try running this procedure on the endpoint which synchronises the software for patching with the portal, waiting 5 minutes, and then try 3rd party patching again.

20240214_1_exported_procedures.json (5.8 KB)

Thank you! Does it solve the first (chrome update not detected) or the second odd error message problem?

I think it could help with both issues.