500 tickets created for undelivered mail

I have had around 500 tickets created this weekend, with the subject of Undelivered mail returned to sender, and a message of error fetching ticket thread - get technical help. This just started this weekend, and has really ran my ticket number up. I was wondering if I could get some assistance on this matter, and if anyone else has had this issue??

Please see the attached files.



We haven’t received any reports similar to your case. However, we can assure you that your case will be provided with support. We will communicate shortly to you via email for any additional information that we might need for investigation

Thank you!!

Just an update, I am getting one of these emails every 10 minutes on the dot.

It would seem that after y’all got the RMM issue resolved, this issue went away also?? I have not had any of these tickets made since 1:40 A.M. Central Time, or so.


There’s a possibility that the issue that occurred with the ITSM triggered an an effect with the RMM tools. We have seen reports yesterday of remote tools being inoperable.

I just had not caught an email from your team yet, they told me the reason for it. Thanks.