753 of 992 clients offline.

I have 753 of our 992 computers showing offline in RMM and C1.

All was OK Saturday - then you were offline Sunday and it has been like this ever since - getting worse as time goes by.

this is a long standing issue where clients just go offline even when being up and running and connected to the internet not all but with around 400 end points currently setup on Comodo one we have never had more than about 80% online at once even if all system are on its almost as if the system cannot handle the load or time outs happen (btw this is multiple sites/clients/internet breakouts)

I have the same problem, if i look at the ITSM icon some say pending but some are communicating but these still show offline? there has to be a very simple reason why.
In the ones saying pending a restart of the ITSM service fixes then problem and they then show up. but the stopping of the service failes and times out every timeā€¦

@junktony have you tried to run a command on the endpoint? e.g., try to run a procedure or push out a windows update? also check the communication tab on a endpoint.

i just check on a server showing offline, i pushed out a restart of the ITSM service, it completed but the endpoint still showed offline, i then pushed out a update again it worked.

So COMODO, it looks like the endpoints are online and communicating but just show offline??

Hello @Marveltec ,
Thank you for reporting this issue with us. We will create a ticket for investigation and we will be looking forward to your response on the Email.

Hi @dittoit ,
Upon checking on our system, there is an existing open ticket for this issue. We have sent you an email to continue the support session and we will be looking forward to your response.