A confirm on managing different Customers, Users and Roles

just a confirm for my “dream” situation:

  1. I create and manage a customer for every company C1, C2, C3 - :): management - customers
  2. I assign the endpoints in their respective company-device group :): device - change owner
  3. I create the users for every company U1 for C1, U2 for C2… :): users - users list
  4. I assign the correct rights to the users as I wish: :slight_smile: user list - user group - role management

the user U1 can manage/view just his C1 endpoints,
the user U2 can manage/view just his C2 endpoints,
and they can’t see the other endpoints, or access in every way to them,

and ME I can see and manage all the companies, devices and users from my gold throne :wink:
Is this correct?
Thank you very much…

Hello @stefanoradam ,

Yes, as long as the role management is concern and it`s access scope.


Thank you,
great, only one more thing:
I created a TEST customer (so a TEST groups of devices was autom created), a test user and test roles etc…
After verify the method, I deleted all the entities
but the TEST groups of devices is still there, and I cannot delete it.
In USER LIST all users has still TEST customer in the menu.
Maybe I have to delete in a precise order?

@stefanoradam ,

You are correct. Please review as well if any device/ user is still associated with the group.

No users and no devices,
but still there!

Here the screen

Hello @stefanoradam,

Appreciate for sharing a screenshot on the issue.

We have created a support ticket to further work on the issue hence as you have mentioned that all entries are deleted and still the “Test” group still shows on the device list. Feel free to respond to the support ticket. Thank you