A couple issues with the RMM

I have come across a couple issues; first is that when I open a remote session on one computer, through RMM, if I am not sure to right click and close the admin console in my taskbar, it will hang, and the computer that I try to open will crash the module everytime I try to open the same computer. I have found that if I open it, which it is automatically opening the computer that crashed the RMM. I can wait for it to open, and it will open, but remote desktop function is what crashes it. I have to close the connection, manually close the system that I was taking over, manually shutdown the admin console, reboot the remote computer through ITSM, and try again. After all this, the issue seems resolved. Secondly, I had a computer yesterday that was disconnected from the RMM console, and I could not take it over, so I tried to reinstall the RMM through ITSM. It said it completed the install process, but it never showed up to take over in the RMM console. I re installed it again, same issue. I found out later that the date and time were off on the computer, and after that was fixed, I had all the entries in the RMM console, 3 of them now. I am certain this had to do with the time and date being off, but I could not log in remotely to fix the issue, since the RMM would not connect with the date and time that far off.

Hello @BOSS ,

Thank you for your feedback. We have contacted you by email regarding the mentioned issues. Looking forward to your reply on there.

I have replied to your request, thanks for your assistance in this matter.

I sent another email to you about this issue, I am no longer able to remote into any endpoint. Any end point I try to remote into, crashes the admin console???

Hello @BOSS ,

Thank you, will respond there!

It seems to be working now, I tried all my old tricks, as I needed to log into some stations. I do not know if it was my old tricks, or if y’all done something, but I am glad to have it up and running again.

Hello @BOSS ,

We are glad to hear that RMM Admin Console is working again, but we would like to investigate what happened (if possible). We will contact you over email to discuss about this.

I have been looking into the issue with the RMM crashing. It seems to only crash like that, when I do it all from the ITSM web page. If I open the admin console, it does not seem to do it, unless one is already snagged up from trying to launch from ITSM.

Hello @BOSS ,

Thank you for the feedback. We have contacted you over email regarding this feedback and have updated the escalated case. We will keep you up to date there!

I am curious if you are experiencing an outage, I am no longer able to log into the admin console, tells me I have a connection error??

Hello @BOSS

Yes, we are experiencing an issue with the RMM Console. We have informed the Team and they are currently working on restoring it.
We will keep you updated on the case.
Thank you for understanding.

​Hello @BOSS ,

We were informed that the issue with the RMM and not allowing you to login was fixed. Can you please try it and confirm?
Thank you!

Yes sir, mine works, thanks for your assistance in this matter!!!

This seems the best hit to the issue I am having - RMM crashing when trying to run remote desktop. Application log shows event ID 1000, faulting app unit.exe, faulting module unknown. It is working from my desktop, but this issue is on my laptop

Hello @Pablo ,

Thank you for the feedback, we have contacted you by email regarding this as we will need additional info/logs in order to help you out. Looking forward to your reply.