A couple strange issues with logs and license usage

I’m running the mydlp vm appliance. It’s on the latest update of 3.12.0-11 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 (latest version of lts 14.04)

First problem - I have an enterprise license and it is saying I’m using 30 seats. But in reality I’m using around 15. Is there a way to force the counter to update?

Second Problem. When I look at my logs on the web console, I see entires from 06-30-2017 to 03-01-2017. It’s like logging just gave up. I’ve checked my syslogs and nothing there either. I’ve look in the local log files /var/logs/mydlp and nothing really stands out as an error or problem.

Checking the host system, the date/time are correct.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

@crabbyshane ,

We have sent you a message concerning some account information we might need for resolving your issue. Our Developer awaits for your response. Please check your mailbox at your convenience.

@crabbyshane ,

We thank you for your response. We have created a support ticket to have our support team assist in resolving this issue.

Good afternoon there is a question about at least some kind of support for the Community Edition
our clients can not connect in any way and in the logs of jetty8 I see this inscription constantly 11: 20: 27.852 [qtp1178959898-20] ERROR IERROR - Improper sync request received from address: Sending invalid response.

Hi @naeternitas ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.