Ability to move devices to different Comodo One account?

In the cases where we may have to hand off our customer access, computer control, etc. Is there a way that we can break out a subset of devices to a new Comodo One account?

I have a feeling that we may lose one of our customers (due to a sale of the company) to a new support mechanism.

Having a method of releasing these assets would be a nice feature.

Based on the current existing features, the ‘transfer / migration procedure’ between C1 accounts is not available. For now, it can only be made possible thru the manual removal of the ‘endpoint subset’ from the old C1 account and then the manual enrollment of the same ‘endpoint subset’ to the new C1 account.

I feel that in this case, it would be on the new company to install everything to run it from their end, I would not transfer, full uninstall from my side, then let new company worry about it. If I was the new company, I would be doing a full evaluation of the network, and would start from scratch anyway, just my two cents.

Great, thanks for the feedback guys - this sounds acceptable (and easily accomplished from a support standpoint).