Ability to submit ticket from RMM taskbar icon

A feature that I would find very useful and is seen in other RMM suites, is the ability to submit a trouble ticket directly from the agent icon in the task bar. I find my client’s staff would rather pickup the phone and call instead of trying to navigate to the web-based service desk portal and submitting a ticket. The claim they do not remember the URL or the client login information. Just too much for them to remember, and besides the phone is right next to them.

There are other benefits to this also.

  • If a end user can submit a ticket easily via a click of an icon, the agent can provide all the necessary information that an MSP may need: Ticket would be opened under the client, Workstation Information would be available, Logged In User Information, and so on. This is valuable information that you most likely will not get from the end user.
  • Tickets would be created by the client which would allow us to better manage all our customers as we would not be fielding telephone calls for issue that should have tickets.
  • Allow better use of all the features the service desk offers. Time tracking, billing, historical tracking, and so on.
  • If the ticket is not created by the end user, there is a chance the MSP will not enter it into the service desk.

I think this would be a simple, but very useful feature. Hope to see it in a near future release.


Thank you for feedback in regards to the Service Desk console. I will send this message to the Team and when we have a response, we will share it with you.

Thank you again

Definitely a good suggestion. Thank you!

Here is the link for votes: https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/committees/technology/new-feature-polls/846-ability-to-submit-ticket-from-rmm-tray-icon

I was just about to suggest this. This is an awesome feature that should be implemented.

Thank you.