Access control

Hi! I’m fairly new to using the program, I’m the Operations manager and I’m trying Itarian out with my team.

We’re so used to connectwise
1a. we’re checking how to see audit logs (I can’t find where the logs are.)
1b. who connected to a client machine, time, date, user etc.

2a. how to provide access control on who and when they can connect to.
2b. REMOTE CONTROL is there no way to ask the remote user to approve of the connection first? I’m hoping like a code the client can put in before a connection is fully estabiled.

Hi, takes a bit of working through the options, but the platform logs a lot of information, some in different locations depending on what info you need.
This is a good start…iki-faq-how-to

1a 1b applications/rmm/dashboard/audit logs…html#audit_log

2a applications/rmm/users have groups and roles, plus there is a write up on access permissions…to-a-Role.html

2b, applications/rmm/configuration templates/Profiles - section is Remote Control

You can have full takeover, wait for permission, accept/deny timer countdown then access, etc



Audit logs.PNG


This is awesome info!!!

You just don’t know how much valuable this is to us. THANK YOU!!!

++++ Thank you for the link to the KB!!!

A follow up,

How do I connect 2a and 2b?


Tech Tier 1 - Profile Windows Security level 1
Tech Tier 2 - Profile Windows Security Level 2

Hi @999don

We solved this by creating custom roles and Device Groups, then restricting the permissions of those roles to just the specific Device Groups they should have access to. Browse to USERS \ Role Management, enter any role and review the Role Permissions and Access Scope tabs, it’s very granular and it allows you a lot of control.

Hope this will help you. Have a nice day!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam - Endpoint Security