access scope of role management

Hello, I use the access scope of role management to allow some clients to remote connect to their own computers, but I have noticed that when a new device group is added to the system, these become default on in the access scope of all the roles, therefore becoming possible to other roles to connect to these.

is there any way to make the system default off for specific roles?

Hello @ARapetta ,

One of our Itarian support team member will reach you using your email. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I’ve just checked and realized one of the internal customer admin has had access to more groups he had been granted access to!

This seems like a serial bug in the backend logic!

@ARapetta, thanks for pointing out. @SethHD please keep me updated if you can confirm the issue.


@bloom ,

You will be able to set a custom role (with correct access scope) for any user before enrolling in a device.

The access scope will then serve as a filter to specify which users should see the devices that they will have privileges of viewing.

it’s a good idea to let us clone the existing ROLES for speed up the process, for ex

Client1 User1 Role Cloned_1_Technician AccessScope LAN1
Client2 User2 Role Cloned_2_Technician AccessScope LAN2

like in PROFILES section, fast and easy!

@stefanoradam ,

We thank you for sharing this good idea. We have forwarded this Feature Functionality request to our Development Team for analysis. We’ll make sure to give you an update with their feedback once made available.