Account deletion again

Hi - I am trying to delete my account since the first invoice I have received. Cannot delete computers to not “get billed” anymore, cannot contact support, cannot do anything. This whole platform was acceptable in the shape it once it was free one, but the current shape and super low quality of service does not deserve to pay anything. from the 17 computers from the list all are not active for year + and that does not prevent anyone there from billing for them. I am super upset and have writing to support so many times that I am sick and tired. You guys are now not better than Indian scammers who try to get advantages on seniors via target gift cards.

I’m sorry that you have not had a good experience here and I shall raise this with the support manager.

In the meantime could you please direct message me with you support ticket reference, the email address you have signed up to ITarian and I’ll get this resolved for you.

Hi @pbch

I have spoken with our support manager and he has found your ticket which has the reference of #4821787, this was raised on 21st October 2022 with our support responding to you on 31st October 2022 asking for confirmation about the deletion.

Unfortunately no confirmation was provided after multiple emails to you, so the ticket was closed on 10th November 2022.

We have re-opened your ticket asking for confirmation about your deletion, you will have to respond to that email to get your account closed.

I have replied. BUT: your first reply on that ticket was 10 days (!) after it was created. All updates were cached by gmail spam. On top of that I have send you multiple emails where I asked to at least remove that bill creating components. Anyway - hope that case is sorted now.

Hi @pbch

During the period you reference we actually had a mass influx of support tickets come in via spam bots which delayed responses.

After this 10 day delay we then contacted your almost every day to try and help you with no response.

I’m being told we have only ever received one email into support from your email address, I’m sorry if this is not the case but this is what we have on file and why we have not done anything else for you.

Hopefully you have received the latest email (Please check your spam folder) and responded so we can process your request.

ech… Guys - you are pathetic… I have confirmed account deletion in August, you have confirmed that and just got another bill. This is ridiculous!

Checking with support, I can confirm your system was deleted on 23/08/2023 as per your request.

Somewhere in the billing system there is a link to your old account somewhere that support is looking at for you.

This should now all be resolved