Acronis Activation


a couple of days ago i purchased the Acronis Post Paid solution so i could do some tests with onsite only backups and see how the system will work for us. unfortunately Acronis hasn’t provisioned under “applications” i see it showing up in our list of applications but there is no mouse pointer when going over it and its not a clickable option.

Hi @Marveltec can you see the open module button of acronis? Is it grayed out? Have you changed your Acronis password lately ? In order to be able to access it from C1 portal, the credentials need to be the same, otherwise the C1 SSO (single sing on) system will not work.

Hi @Carl_C

Just so i understand I have gone through the Acronis purchase on the Comodo One Store are you saying i still have to go to Acronis’s website directly and also create an account? I never got an email from Comodo one after completing the purchase and yes the open module button is grayed out

There is no need to create a separate Acronis account after completing the subscription process for it. Can you please do check the following guide and check if you missed something.


Sorry for inconvenience. This is definitely a bug. We will fix it for you.