Acronis Backup - Missed Schedule or Run when next online

Does anyone know if there is an option for backup agent to run backup immediately if a schedule was missed?

If I have backup scheduled for 4am, but the laptop is offline (powered off, standby, etc) at 4am, then it won’t run the backup, EVER.

Basically, need an option that says, next time agent checks in, if it missed its daily backup, run it immediately instead of trying again next day at 4am.
Right now, only workstations that are on 24/7 are hitting backup schedule correctly.

I see Acronis True Image has “Advanced Options”, but not sure if any of these would work or if even available in Acronis Backup Cloud:

Any suggests would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi @RoninMedia,

You can create multiple planned upload schedules by following this guide:

You can also introduce a schedule delay for backups however the maximum delay time is 30 minutes as indicated below:

Thank you,

Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.

However, neither of these handle my situation. These do not fix the issue of the computer never being backed up if it is not online when backup is scheduled.

It is fascinating that there is not a simple option (checkbox) that says “Run backup immediately when missed”.

The option is here for Acronis True Image:…016/#7941.html

And can be seen in the screenshot, the last option “Missed backup”:…2016/33997.png

“If the computer is switched off when the scheduled time comes, the operation won’t be performed. You can force the missed operation to run at the next system startup. To do so, select the Run at system startup check box.”

Hi @RoninMedia,

You can use the replication feature of Acronis Backup Cloud wherein each backup will be copied to a second location immediately after creation.

If earlier backups were not replicated (for example, the network connection was lost), the software also replicates all of the backups that appeared after the last successful replication.

More information here:

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@RoninMedia I use Acronis backup through another software vendor and have the same issue, it’s a big problem for laptop users. @Ilker can this be raised with Acronis as a feature request?

@Riley_C this is not an issue of replication. I don’t want a second copy of the backup.

It seems very straight forward to me what I’m saying, I’ve also tried to be clear through even giving an example, screenshot, posting link / quote to documentation.

I’ll understand if this feature is not present in Acronis Backup Cloud, but I just want to confirm I’m not missing an option hiding somewhere.

@nct Yeah, exactly. For pretty much any non-desktop workstation, they’re typically shutdown at night unless there is specially policy keeping them online.

In most cases, these non-desktop devices are much more at risk of data loss, and a higher priority for backing up (e.g. theft, environmental damage, etc).

I will be very surprised if this is a feature @Ilker will be able to add in on the Comodo ONE side… it’s probably an issue inherently missing from the Acronis Backup Cloud software (as you mentioned another Acronis vendor also does not have this option).

Honestly, I’d take a work around solution as well if this feature is just not available yet. Maybe a procedure that can auto-run when a workstation checks in after being offline:

  • Device was offline and is now checking in, then:
  • Check if device has had successful backed up for that day (or last 24 hrs)
  • IF yes: done.
  • IF no: Send a manual command / script to execute a backup directly to the Acronis Backup agent.

Thanks @Damon C

I have an existing ticket regarding this: #RNI-849-45728

Hi @nct @RoninMedia

We will check this with our technology partner.

Thanks for the input!

@Ilker Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Again, it is strange this feature is not present. However, hopefully we can find a work around if nothing else.

The main goal is to get these non-desktop/server devices backed up consistently.

Hi @RoninMedia , @nct

Acronis confirmed that the feature is scheduled for late 2017.


That is great to hear. Thank you for the follow up on this, I appreciate it.

I’ll close out tickets in anticipation of this.