Acronis Backup Module activation

Hello Dear Support,
I have a question regarding the Acronis Cloud Backup Module. We already have an Acronis Cloud account but would like to use it in one Portal, how can I implement/activate it in the C1 Portal if possible at all? At first glance it seems that there is only an option to make an new account. Therefore it would be nice if You could implement the Option to use existing Accounts.

Best Regards

Holger Steitz

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Hello @Holger ,

Unfortunately existing Acronis accounts can’t be linked to C1. The only way of being able to have Acronis integrated in Comodo One is to add it from Comodo One Store.

Hello @Nick

Is that put in Stone or just at the Moment? Will say, might it be implemented in the Future?

Hello @Holger ,

We will escalate your inquiry to the development team and we will get back to you as soon as we have an outcome.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Thanks for the follow up @Nick .

Yes, it is better to buy a license via the ‘Store’ interface Click ‘Store’ > scroll to the Acronis tile > Click ‘Buy’ and then activate Acronis Backup licenses in ‘Management’ > ‘Applications’ .