Acronis backup - PC dont appears in Acronis console

Hi. Installed Acronis backup agent, but PC dont appear in Acronis web console. At PC no errors about network problems. System tray icon tell “Plan dont applied”.

… Appears. In 25 minutes and 3 reboots. Later I was unable to select drive to backup in Recovery console. Console hangs at drives discovery stage. After 10 try it discovered.
Backup profile applied quick. Now trying start backup process. Console shows “Stating backup”, I waited 10 minutes. But at PC tray icon shows “Backup: 7 minutes remain…”…

Recovery console still “Starting backup”…

Ok, PC tray icon says “Last backup June 16, 01:10”. But web recovery console shows “Not protected”. No backups.

Ok, I pressed Restore. “No backups found”, pressing Update. Backup appears…

Same problem with 3 more PCs. All with just reinstalled OS. Windows 10 Home. 32 and 64 versions.

Hi @Sergey
Please do reply to the email (ticket # DYA-827-96151) we sent to you with your new observations.

Hi! Old problem. Acronis web console shows PC as offline. Rebooting, waiting - has no effect. PC in list, but it offline. In same time ITSM device list shows PC, but when try to takeover it - shows black screen.
Internet at PC is ok.