Acronis Certificate

Is anyone else having a certificate issue with acronis backup.

Hi @rudym12,

Can you please share more details about the issue you are having with a screenshot that will help us to investigate it.

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Seel below, i get the same message with all my Acronis backup


Hello all,

It is known issue.We are working on it.

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Elif, your reply is concerning, we are talking about clients backup, this could put us in a legal liability in the event something happens.

Now i cant even log in to the system, (see attached),and yes i have cleared my catch and tried Chrome and Firefox.



Hello all,
Issue has been resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

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FYI we use Acronis cloud backup through a UK distributor (Not Comodo/Itarian) and also experienced problems over the weekend and into Monday. I don’t think this issue is specific to the Itarian/Comodo system.

There was a major upgrade from Acronis 7.9 to 8.0 Last week it was in the UK and last night the US was completed. Possible this was it, but, glad all is resolved.