Acronis Cloud Backup - Best Practices Question

How does everyone else handle scheduling backups for Acronis Cloud Backup for a laptop with strange online hours … We have a client with a laptop that needs to have it’s data backed up to the cloud, and it is never online consistently … So we can’t schedule a backup per se as we would with a desktop to backup after-hours, and we don’t want to burden the user with hourly backups and the obvious hit to performance degradation and internet speed loss either … and there is no Carbonite type backup that is constantly backing up anytime there is a change so it does one huge backup, and then is just always sending little minor changes as they happen … SO perhaps the hourly would be the way to go, and then just turn off the reporting so the end-user doesn’t get deluged with failure reports?

We have the same issue and just schedule for the most likely time the laptops are powered on. It’s hit and miss though.

Would be so much nicer to get a Continuous option for backup … perhaps Acronis will add something like this …

Is there not the option to " run missed backups" normally if the scheduled backup didn’t run the next time the laptop is on the backup should run?

Don’t think so with Acronis.

I think closest to this would be hourly differential back-ups.