Acronis login for tech support

We currently have Acronis via Comodo One, and have questions regarding backups. Upon going to Acronis website for Service provider tech support it prompts for a user name/password. My username/password via c1 doesn’t work. In fact when i try and reset it via email via the c1 website in the Acronis section - the email never makes it to me (not in spam either). So one of my questions is do we post all our tech support questions for Acronis here or on their site- if their site where?..

@evoevoevo ,

We understand that you are having issues with your log-in credentials You can manage your log-in credentials using this helpguide. If you are encountering some issues with Acronis that might need personal details of your account then you can send it to and we’ll make sure that our Acronis team will be notified. For some FAQs, you can post your queries here.