Acronis -Script procedure for OS Backup and Restore using Acronis backup solution

Hello everyone,


       This Script helps you to Backup and Restore the entire <b>Operating System</b> of your Machine using <b>Acronis</b>.Full Restore of System Drive happens including with the installed programs user profiles and other settings that were applied to the <b>OS</b> before Backing up.

This Script does Backup and Restore of OS along with System Volume Excluding Other Volumes if you want to backup and restore other Volumes please refer this script from the following link


1.Supported Operating Systems-Windows 7 and above

NOTE: Restoring OS is only Supported on Machines running Windows 8 and above.(Windows 7 is not supported)

Ex Scenario 1: If your machine is currently Running on Windows 8 and above it can be restored to any OS of Windows 7 and above and the machine will be completely Replaced by that Operating System

Ex Scenario 2: If your machine is Currently running on Windows 7 backing of the OS is allowed but restoring the OS over a machine running on Windows 7 is not allowed.

  1. .Before running this script its mandatory you run the Acronis Service Configuration script from the following link

3.Before Restoring make sure that you backup the Necessary files from your machine in System volume as it will be completely replaced by the OS you backed up

Ex Scenario: If your machine is currently running on Windows 8 and you are trying to Restore Windows 10 then after restore Machine will be running on Windows 10 and Windows 8 files will be lost

4.Make Sure that the Hardware requirements are same for backing up and Restoring Machine.


1.There Won’t be any execution log at end while Restoring as System will Restart to apply the Restore

2.Make sure the system is plugged in and Charged while performing backup and restore.

3.Ensure that there is a complete backup of the System Volume because incomplete backup and its subsequent restore will lead to a System Crash

4.While Restoring the Acronis Recover tab will be displayed please don’t disturb the Settings

Please run this script as logged in user