adblock or something similar

I searched to see if there were any scripts for installing adblock or similar extension to all users via a profile. I did not see one apologies if i missed it.

Assuming there isnt a post already, is this a possiblity? I know you can use GPO but alot of clients are not domained.

Why not use cDome to do this?


We couldn’t agree more with @StrobeTech’s suggestion. You may use Comodo Dome Shield. Please check this link for more information:…me-Shield.html

Regarding with the script request, we will make sure that our script developers will address your concern.
We will create a support ticket as well to keep you updated.

Hi @toddpratt

We’ll process your request and get back to you with better results as soon as possible.

Thank you

I will give Dome Sheild a shot, thank you!