Add Antivirus button to device summary page

If you view the device summary, you have a feature that reads Comodo Client - Security info.
It displays the info about the security client like virus DB version last update etc.
But if you need more details or want to actually run a virus scan you need to go to:
Security sub-systems/antivirus
Then you need to find the device in the list and select it to do updates and scans.

Add a button to the device summary that takes to that screen with only the device displayed.

Or you could add those functions to the device summary.

It would be much quicker for techs that way.

I am not sure if I am putting this the right forum?
If not please guide me.

Hello @smartcloud,

Thank you very much for providing us your suggestion for “Feature Request: Add Antivirus button to device summary page”.

Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of C1 for the entire users community. We have submitted your request to our product team where they will review it and determine where it will fit best on the product road-map. You can expect to hear back in less than 10 business days with a time-frame for the planned implementation.

We have also created a support ticket for you to keep you updated regarding on its progress.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Good idea!

Does save hunting in the depths of AV