Add diagnostic information to monitoring alerts

Top 5 RAM Processes, Top 5 CPU Processes, Disk Free Space monitor & Network traffic monitor - the alerts from these kind of monitors would be much more useful - and help productivity - by including relevant diagnostic information in the ticket alert itself.

For example, a monitoring alert that an EndPoint is over the set threshold for RAM:

I have attached the ‘Get 5 Top RAM Consuming Processes’ procedure to the Performance CPU monitor as the ‘Auto Remediation on Alert’ procedure to be run when an alert is triggered. However, I have to go to the ‘Get 5 Top RAM Consuming Processes’ procedure execution logs to view the information it collects. It would be much more efficient if the detail of the alert ticket contained this kind of information so it can be read straight from the ticket itself.

RAM threshold monitor - ticket to include top 5 RAM usage processes;
CPU threshold monitor - ticket to include top 5 CPU usage processes;
Disk free space monitor - ticket to include top 10 folder sizes;
Network traffic - ticket to include top 10 network traffic usage processes, ip address and port they are going to/coming from.

Hi @amcssit

We are analyzing your request. We will update you soon.

Thank you

Any update on this?

Hello, @amcssit
The script team at that time find it not possible to accomplish your goal without making any ‘improvements’ at the backend first. The team submitted a feature request to improve on the ‘monitor status’ flagging which is still being discussed by the product development team. Currently, it is part of the mid-term implementation timeline in the product roadmap.