Add support for BackupRadar

Given the number of backup solutions out there, and that currently only Acronis is integrated within C1, i feel it would be well suited to get BackupRadar integrated into C1 for monitoring of Backups. BackupRadar automatically supports monitoring and ticket creation for AutoTASK and Connectwise, so linking with these would allow C1 to get onto a level playing field with these, whilst opening up the posibilities for a lot of backup solutions.

Hello @curatrix_pl
We thank you for your suggestion on the integration of the Backup Radar service. Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we, in C1 Support, will work with our product development team to ensure the best possible response. After the team has reviewed your suggestion, we will pass along any additional updates.

This should be sooooo simple for the developers here to do. I looked at the setup.
So comodo just needs to extract the data from the backup systems that email the job logs.
The Setup is Easy!

  • Set your backup software to email success and failure results to Backup Radar.
But what happens if the email didn't get through. Guess you need to flag this.

But this could be a very nice addition to C1.

Hello @dittoit,

Thank you for your inputs. We have forwarded these feedback to our development team and have added you on the loop as well.